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    Question Reading text in another app

    I have been playing with the SendMessage to interact with another app. I need to know how to read text from another app.

    This app has a window with a log that I need to parse. It does not put the log to a file. If it went to a file I could just parse the file, but I can see no way to get the text from the window.

    I have a FindWindow derived pointer to the window, but none of the CWnd funtions seem to help. Also, I watch the window with Spy++ and I see no events when the text updates.

    Any ideas?

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    I wonder about your intentions on this one......

    But anyway....

    Look up WM_GETTEXTLENGTH to get the amount of text in the window then create a buffer and use it with WM_GETTEXT.....

    Not exactly rocket science....but fun all the same

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    Talking Honorable intentions

    I will take a look at your suggestions.

    I am writing a program to play cards. I needed to push buttons to take appropriate actions. I need to read the text because the information of what cards are delt is stored in the text. I was not trying to be secretive.

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