Thread: structs, array, code has problems, Im lost

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    Red face structs, array, code has problems, Im lost

    The more I try to fix the worse my code gets, Please what am I doing wrong...........

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    What exactly is the problem (e.g. compile error?)?

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    in void get_centre_point (Point array [ ], int MAX)
    the for loop will ALWAYS run once and only once so it really isnt a loop, and the local MAX isn't used
    for (index = 0;  index < 1;  index++)

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    I don't mean to be rude, but you have a ton of stuff in that code that is pointless, and even more that is erroneous- functions trying to access data from other functions? It would be better just to scrap it and start over, maybe read up on scope and stuff.

    You also don't need to include stdlib
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    I have put in recycle bin, lol

    Well I scraped it and have did another one which actually works, My first coding for strycts, I seem to understand them now after reading a few differnt tuts. I now have a working prog.

    Thankyou I would of been there all day trying to work out the prob....

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