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    Lambda as argument to functor

    Foo works as expected. The "Bar" function object does not. For starters, why can I pass a lambda as an argument to Foo, but not to Bar?

    Also, how can I achieve the construction of a bar like I'm trying to do in main?

    template <class _Fxn>
    void Foo(_Fxn fxn)
    template <class _Fxn>
    class Bar
        _Fxn fxn;
        Bar(_Fxn f) : fxn(f) {}
        void operator()(){ fxn(); }
    int main()
        Foo([]()->void{ std::cout << "Hello World!\n"; });
        Bar<void()> bar([]()->void{ std::cout << "Hello World!\n"; }); // DOESN'T WORK
    This is the error I get for trying to construct the bar in main:

    Error	1	error C2664: 'Bar<_Fxn>::Bar(_Fxn (__cdecl *))' : cannot convert parameter 1 from '`anonymous-namespace'::<lambda1>' to 'void (__cdecl *)(void)'	c:\projects\_cs350\helix\helix.cpp	30	1	Helix
    goto( comeFrom() );

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    Like the error says, you are saying that the type _Fxn for Bar is void(), but the actual type for a lambda isn't that. It's something else.
    Perhaps you should try
    auto lambda = []() { std::cout << "Hello World!\n"; };
    Bar<decltype(lambda)> bar(lambda);
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