I am trying to do something, but I can't figure it out. I'm connected to an Access db and everything there is working fine. On a form, I have a DBComboBox.. I'm using Borland Builder 5.0 by the way. I want to display every row from one column in the dropdown list in the DBComboBox. Specifically, I have a column named 'CompanyName', and I want to display every company name in that table in the dropdown list of the combo box. I do not know how to do this. I know that the "Items" property determines what goes in the drop down list, but I can't get each entry for every row from the 'CompanyName' attribute.

I figured I'd have to run a query such as (SELECT CompanyName FROM Company and this does, of course, give me all the company names.... but how can I get this in the Items property for the ComboBox? I may be going about this totally wrong. I appreciate any help I can get. This is really troubling me. Thanks