Thread: Adding nodes to an array at the top & array sorting

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    Adding nodes to an array at the top & array sorting

    A friend asked me to edit this for him, and quite frankly, I have no idea how to do it. He wants me to make the function add new data to the top of the array, rather than the bottom, and can be sorted highest to lowest. So, here's the code for the function:

    void ptrlist::add(char* item)
    	if ((length * 4) == buffSize)
    		char** temp = new char*[buffSize + 6];
    		if (temp == 0)
    		buffSize += 6;
    		memcpy(temp, buff, length * 4);
    		delete[] buff;
    		buff = temp;
    	buff[length] = item;

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    1. new does not returns null - instead it throws exception when out of memory

    you need to use nothrow version to use it like this

    2. your code asumes that sizeof(char*) is 4 - this makes it non-portable

    3. if you need a list - just use std::list and leave the memory management to it.

    with the list it will be really easy to add data atthe beginning - instead of need to move all the array on each append to free the slot at the beginning
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