Thread: c++ in xcode (newest version)

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    c++ in xcode (newest version)

    alright so I've been using Microsoft visual studio ti do my programming so far but I just recently got a mac and I installed xcode on it so I could program. Only i cant even figure out how to open up a blank c++ project. All the things google came up with say to got to new project and then command line utility and then c++ tool but when i open up new project in the newest version of xcode theres nothing that says command line utility. can anyone help me out?

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    It says "Command Line Tool" in the version I have, and I believe it's the latest one. Have you selected the Application tab?

    You could also just open up and compile your programs from the command line with the g++ command.

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    Being a mac user, I have to say mac development intimidates me. Apple switches architectures every 5 years and if you want universal binaries, you'll get a lot of frustration.

    Though, there is one tool that's your friend. If you use Terminal, there's the lipo command. It can tell you which architectures a binary was built for, combine binaries into FAT (multi-architecture) format.

    Also, I'd look into MacPorts ( It's basically to Mac what Cygwin is to Windows.

    Here's the symbol used by lipo for architectures:

    ppc - PowerPC
    ppc7400 - Some flavor of PowerPC I've encountered
    i386 - 32-bit Intel
    x86_64 - 64-bit Intel, 10.6's default

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