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    Fir Filter Coefficient

    Does anyone have any C++ or C code that can calculate the Coefficients to the filter? been trying to look online and its kinda hard to figure out when u dont have the equation for the frequency. Because Im trying to do it with an audio file.

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    Are you sure you really have to calculate the coefficients inside your code? It isn't good enough to just determine them with another tool made for the job, and then just hard code them/load them from a file? I mean, just looking up "equiripple filter design" on Google, on the first page it gives me a Java applet for designing FIR filters, even with the source code for the applet available for download.

    It might also be easier for us to help you, if you tell us what you're trying to do with the audio file. Because "I'm trying to do it with an audio file" isn't really descriptive, like, you're trying to do what with an audio file? I'm assuming you wish to filter the audio signal in some way, but what are you trying to do? Do you have any specifications for the filter you're looking to implement?

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