Thread: Construct a std::string from char*

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    still modify the first character of the string??
    Why should it?

    buf won't change automatically when _M_p changes.

    If you have
    int a = 5;
    int b = a;
    a = 10;
    b doesn't become 10. Same thing there.

    And how would you update _M_length?

    And even if you can make it work, this is only for this particular version of GCC. Another implementation or even another version of GCC can do it totally differently.

    If you are so concerned about performance that you can't afford the copying, it would be much easier to roll your own string class. Much safer, too.

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    Just to avoid the copy when passing a string to a function, generally we create everything as a std::string and then set up functions to take it by reference:
    void doSomethingWithString(std::string &str_ref)
    Not sure that addresses your other issues but this is how we avoid making a copy of a string when passing to a function...
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    That doesn't help when calling into external C APIs though.

    I stand corrected about C++03's guarantees, although I believe that implementations should fix defects in C++03 even if their fix only made it into C++0x. That said, I'm not aware of a single implementation where std::string is *not* continuous. I'm not even aware of any where c_str() does not simply point to the string's primary data.
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