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    quatierles problem


    For a exercise I need to print out the quartieles of a number of values.

    Lets say we have this 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

    First quartiel can be found at : 9/4 is 2,25

    So the first quartiel is between the 1 and 2.
    Can I say that the first quartiel can be calculated by 2 + (2-1) * .25

    second quartiel can then be found at 9/2 = 4,5

    Thirst quartiel can be found at 9 *.75 so it's 6.75 .
    Can I say that it's 6+(7-6) * 0.75.

    Sorry for asking but maths for me is like 20 years ago.


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    The formula for locating the position of the observation at a given percentile, y, with n data points sorted in ascending order is:[2]

    L(y) = n * (y/100);
    I found this formula in wikipedia, i don't know if that's the one you need.
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