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    Useful Links

    An Idea came to me that a moderator should make a sticky and people browsing the boards can reply with some of the more useful links they've found.

    One that I've found and has been very helpful is:
    It has a list of alot of header files(mainly for borland compilers) and in each, it lists functions and syntax and examples and more. It's extremely helpful.
    Some more interesting pages I have found are:
    That page has info on making dlls in c++ for use in VB.
    That is NeHe, lots of tutorials on using OpenGL for game programming.
    This is a beginner's site for C++. The unique thing I've found out about it, is that it gives examples for starting a game. (The site's not nearly finished and I don't know if it ever will be).
    Peroxide is a site with alot of different tutorials, mostly for game programming. Very interesting.
    Amateur Game Developers site. Has tutorials on DirectX, 3D, console, sprites, collision detection, and more.
    DirectX stuff. It's kinda slow and doesn't look like it's been updated recently.
    Johnnie's Winsock Tutorials. Very nice.
    Libnet. Library for network communication, not TCP/IP but other stuff such as IPX and UDP/IP. Tested on Linux/Unix/Windows/DOS.
    Winsock programmer's faq.

    I have a large, organized bookmarks folder, not just C++ programming. I really think there should be something like a sticky/announcement for useful links.

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    Here's a library that I always give out.

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