Thread: Image opening with Visual C++

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    I've managed a program that downloads this image ( whenever it is run, saves it as a .bmp and then opens another program to display it, but I get the message that the .bmp is not in 3.00 format. Is there some code to convert it to this?


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    I have another question:

    I am learning to display bitmaps in dialog boxes, and have the following code for a resource:

        CONTROL         IDB_SUNPIC, IDC_SUNFRAME, WC_STATIC, SS_BITMAP, 30, 12, 341, 236
    This puts a picture frame in a dialog box called IDC_SUNFRAME, intended to display an image called IDB_SUNPIC on a dialog box. I compile this, but get the error telling me that WC_STATIC is undefined. I tried defining it in the resource header as -2, but this time, although the program runs, nothing happens when I press the button to open the dialog box with the picture fram in it.

    What could be wrong? How do you define WC_STATIC?


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