Thread: Need some help with "self modifying code" in C++

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    Need some help with "self modifying code" in C++

    Hello... Maybe what Im asking isnt very hard, but I really dont know because I never did it before... Anyway heres what I want:

    Im learning Assembly right now and with Assembly its very easy to write machine code in some memory location while the application is actually running and then call it using a jmp instruction. So, as Im much more familiar with C++ and like it better, Im trying to think of some way to do something like that(if it is possible) using C or C++... Basically writing machine code to memory and then call it... Is there any way of doing this in C++, or will I have to use Assembly to do this?

    And of course I'll not try to write a whole program in machine code straight to memory and then call it.. I Just wanna know if it is possible or not...

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    The only way to write self-modifying code in C or C++ is to do something outside scope of the standards. The obvious way is by embedding assembler, which is inherently non-portable.

    Keep in mind that self-modifying executables are, more often than not, considered symptomatic of a virus. Whatever it is you're trying to achieve, better to find an approach that is more likely to be considered legitimate.
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    Putting some executable somewhere in memory and jumping to it is self modifying?

    I don't think so. You can allocate some memory, put some code and jump to it with C/C++ anytime you like. Like when OS loads an executable.
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    Yes it's possible. Read about "The Welder" in "Pixomatic 2".
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