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    Unhappy random number selection

    I'm currently trying to write a programme that will randomly select 6 numbers between 1 and 49 for the lottery but don't know where to start, can anyone give me some ideas or help on what to do?
    Thanks, Mike..........

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    if you don't want the possibility of having 2 of the same number, i'd setup 2 arrays. One array is for the lotto numbers that are picked and the other contains all the possible lotto numbers.
    it'd look something like this

    const int MAXPICKED = 6;
    const int MAXLOTTONUM = 49;
    const int USEDNUMBER = 0;

    int lottopot[MAXLOTTONUM];
    int lottowin[MAXPICKED];
    int x; //counter
    int randnum; //will hold random number

    //initialize the lotto number pot
    for(x = 0 ; x < MAXLOTTONUM; x++)
    lottopot[x] = x+1;

    //pick numbers
    for(x = 0; x < MAXPICKED ; x++)

    randnum = /*get random number here*/;
    while(lottopot[randnum] != USEDNUMBER);
    lottowin[x] = lottopot[randnum]
    lottopot[randnum] = USEDNUMBER;

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    also note that the lotto numbers in lottopot would be from 1-49, but the random number would need to be 0-48

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