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    Why is there no programming competitions in here, its the best learning tool, something to aim for.

    start with easy stuff (not too easy of course tough) and work upwards, the new guys like me can attempt them and then everyone can post there programs and see where they went wrong from some of the more experienced people.

    what do you think, a good way to learn or not?

    Just an idea.

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    There is a competition in the newsletter (codejournal). Sign up on the main page to receive it...

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    The latest... (which is obviously for people with unlimited time... of which I am not one of them.)

    At the end of every issue we will issue a programming challenge and ask
    people to submit their solutions within two weeks. The best solutions
    will be published the next issue, along with a new challenge.

    No one submitted any answers to last week's code challenge, so we will
    offer it again this week, except with a hint.

    This week's challenge:
    One famous chess problem is the Knight's Tour, in which a knight, placed on
    a starting square, is then moved to every other square on the chessboard.
    The Knight's Tour is a fairly typical chess problem. Your challenge is not
    only to write a program to calculate the Knight's Tour from any square on the
    board, but also to allow the user to add up to five pieces to the board that
    the moving knight must avoid capturing and must also avoid being moved onto
    a square where it could be captured. As an interesting note, in _The
    Psychology of Chess_ the authors talk about a test for chess talent that
    works under similar conditions and is based on the speed of response.
    The test accurately predicated a future grandmaster.

    HINT: Use recursion.

    Send your solution's source code to, and you may
    find it published (Note: due to length of code, solutions will be downloadable
    from the web rather than printed). Please include either your name or an
    identifying username so that we may attribute the solution to you in the next
    newsletter. If you wish, you may ask us to withhold your name

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