Thread: Inter-Process Communication in Windows

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    Inter-Process Communication in Windows

    What facilities are there for IPC under windows using c++?
    I can use pipes, named pipes and shared memory for IPC in UNIX.
    Can I implement these under windows? & Do yee know any links to tutorials on these?

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    You can use all of these techniques in Win32, each has it's uses, and which to use depends on your application, the amount of IPC, and the required performance. MSDN has examples of all of these.

    The easiest way of IPC on a Win32 box is to get the handle of the co-operating tasks main window, (various methods available), and simply use the SendMessage() API function with that handle. I usually find that is enough.
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    Some methods;

    CreateMailslot() - Makes a mailslot that lots of processes can use to send to a server

    CreatePipe() - Makes an anonymous 2 way pipe to communicate with

    CreateNamedPipe() - As above, but with a specific pipe

    Shared Memory using Dlls - Each process loads a dll with a special section that is set to Read, Write and Share.........I think this is the basis that is used for DDE...Each process can then alter the data and it will be reflected in each process

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    Thanks for the info.

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