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Ok, but why didn't they put a link to that article on the main C++ string article, which I linked to?
Well, one persons idea of how documentation should work is not always anothers, that is fer sure.

I think the "reference" section of cplusplus.com is intended more as a reference than for truly pedagogical purposes, which it is pretty good for that IMO. Once you have learned something, you will probably still need a reference, but the tutorial or whatever you learned it from may not make a good one. See the difference?

I notice they do have some tutorials, I haven't used them because I kind of prefer books where-ever possible for learning new things. If you live near a city with a public library system, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of beginner C++ books available.

If not, you can probably find a used one on Amazon for ~$10. I've bought a few used books thru amazon affiliates, and tho I always pick the very cheapest one (eg, $0.49 for a $50 title ) they have all been in excellent condition -- in fact, a couple of them turned out to be brand new.