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    Question C++ graph ploting

    Hi i have a problem with c++ program

    I never ploted a graph or has ever made anithig even graphic related at C++

    As a part of my asigment i have to plot a variable/time graph

    i have in my program constantly changeing variable (pure numbers), and i need to plot them

    in a simple pillars graph acording to time they arive and my question is:

    is there any code sample or a tutorial i can use to see how this works or how is this

    suposed to look like, and is it easier to make a graph in c++ or to call in some graph ploting

    program and what program wuld you recomend

    thx in advance

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    Normally I wouldn't do this, since making another one's code from scratch does not seem at all appropiate and same for sending reference without this being the last resort, but still... You can try checking here: Simplest Graph Plotting for C or C++ . I just Googled (sorry for the made-up verb) "Graph Plotting C++". It's a basic thing you should do before asking here for help.

    Good luck.

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