Thread: Newbie Question: making a lib

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    Newbie Question: making a lib

    Okay, I've made this really cool graphics library for Borland Turbo C++ 3.1. The thing is though if i want to give it to other people, they can just take all of my code since all of it is just header files. Does anyone know how to put all of those header files into a .lib so people can use it and die?

    This is dos.

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    You have to distribute the .h files with your lib otherwise people can't use your functions (take a look at the windows API for example).

    If the program doesn't know what the function is or what it looks like.. how the hell is it going to use it?

    So if you want to distribute it... you'll have to move the body of your code to .cpp files or something and just keep the function declarations in the .h files.

    Man, you really need to reconsider your programming style if you have EVERYTHING in header files... that's really bad form!

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    Do you mean that you want other to be able to use your file, but not able to read what's inside? Do you got class in you file?

    If both of the answer is correct, then I hope your question be solved asap. Because I have the same problem recently.

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    After you do what Uraldor said you compile all of those into objects and then you can compile a library with

    ar cru mylib.a objects.o

    that is "ar.exe" or whatever library tool you have with borland... it might be tlib.exe

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