Thread: How to co-work in programming?

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    How to co-work in programming?

    Hi, there. I have question about how to co-work with others?
    I am just a newbie. And I have only very limited programming experience.
    I don't have any experience how to co-work with others.
    Can anyone tell me how to co-work in programming, especially in C++?
    By command interface? Or define the I/O format. One gives output, another one reads it in?
    Silly question I know. Hope somebody can teach me.

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    What exactly do you mean "co-work"? If you are talking about a team of programmers developing some software together, then quite generally some kind of interface would have to be agreed on.
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    What is the deal here? You will make a program with somebody else? Are they in the same space/office?

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    Design the whole thing together. Then divide up the work. Then agree on the interfaces between the parts you and your co-worker are to be working on (how they talk to each other). Then work on your separate parts, keeping each other apprised of what the other is doing.

    That's a rough idea. Details may be different. For example it may be a good idea to design all the public methods before starting to code.

    Another approach is pair programming, where you both sit in front of one computer taking turns writing the code, while the sanity checks the code, all the while talking through the code so that you have a quality product.
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