Thread: Graph with incidence lists (problem)

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    Graph with incidence lists (problem)

    Hello everybody,

    I would link to represent a graph with incidence lists.

    This picture is what I've thought about:

    This is what I created:

    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <iostream>
    It seems to work but when I insert more than one edge to a vertex the new edge overwrites the first one, so I can just have an edge per vertex...

    Can you help...?
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    When you walk through loc01->inclist, you're really moving the pointer inside the object, thus walking that "head" pointer through your other edges, making the rest just go away. You'll wanto to (a) use a temporary pointer to do that walking and (b) not forget to hook the new edge on the end of the list, which you aren't doing yet either.

    Also you are leaking your entire memory, so you'll want to come up with a mechanism for returning all that memory. Or, better yet, just use <list>.

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