Thread: Simple problem but dont know the reason..

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    Question Simple problem but dont know the reason..

    Hi all,
    i'm new to c and while compiling small snippet of code on gcc its showing "expected specifier-qualifier-list before private" error.I'm not able to find out whats the reason causing this problem.if anyone's suggestions to solve this would be a great help.
    here is my code,

    typedef struct
      private:   // in this line i'm getting error as expected specifier-qualifier-list    
                       //before private
      int choice;
      void (*fun_ptr[2])();
      int add();
      int pause();
      void checkState(int nChoice)
        if(nChoice == CONTINUE)
           fun_ptr[0] = add ;
        else if (nChoice == STOP)
          fun_ptr[1] = pause ;
         printf("u entered a wrong choice...exiting... ");
    } exeState;
    int main()
      //exeState s;
      printf("enter ur choice 1 to start the process of addtion...2 for pausing...");
      //scanf("%d", &s.choice);
      return 0;

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    Try compiling with g++ (the C++ compiler in the gnu collection), rather than gcc (which compiles C by default).

    I get legitimate errors with g++ from your code, but not the one you are reporting.
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