Thread: Problem with text input

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    Problem with text input

    I am trying to input a group of words from a text file. I can only get the first word and it ignores the rest...what is the problem?

    My input file is called "patterns.txt". As an example, lets say it contains the words (Big House). When I run the code below, it returns Big only...why? and how can I fix this?

    int main()
    char pattern[50];

    //open the file for reading
    ifstream pattern_file("patterns.txt");
    //for debugging purposes only
    cout<<"the file patterns.txt contained the pattern: "<<pattern<<"\n";
    //close the file after reading in the pattern
    return 0;

    pls help...

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    The >> operator of input streams are delimited by whitespace when reading strings. The fix for this is to use a function called getline which is delimited by a newline and/or the size of the array you are reading to.
    pattern_file.getline ( pattern, 50 );

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    I am using a redhat linux machine...I tried the

    pattern_file.getline ( pattern, 50 );

    statement, but it gave a compile error:
    invalid operands of types '{unknown type}' and 'int' to binary 'operator >>'
    am I doing something wrong?

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