Thread: C++ Project. Sockets?

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    C++ Project. Sockets?

    Im currently learning C++, working through Accelerated C++ and PPP. I will shortly be creating a small card game to test my knowledge.

    Initially it will be text only, to get the basic mechanics working and then I will be creating basic graphics using SDL.

    My query is, if I then wanted to host this on a site so that I could, for example, play against a friend, what would I need to read up on? Would it be sockets?

    Any online resources or book recommendations would be gratefully received.


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    Sockets and networking, yep.

    People always seem to like this site:
    Beej's Guide to Network Programming
    C programming resources:
    GNU C Function and Macro Index -- glibc reference manual
    The C Book -- nice online learner guide
    Current ISO draft standard
    CCAN -- new CPAN like open source library repository
    3 (different) GNU debugger tutorials: #1 -- #2 -- #3
    cpwiki -- our wiki on sourceforge

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