Thread: Best way of drawing basic graphics

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    Best way of drawing basic graphics

    Hello Folks!

    I have one little question. I need to know what is the best way of drawing graphics with C++ (think about dots or lines) . I tried the GTK++ Drawing area, but I think it is much to heavy for my purpose(I try to create a basic game like pong), And I tried Allegro. But this had allot of features I don't need. so because I am not very familiar with drawing graphics in C++, so I ask here if somebody knows a good packages/library for drawing basic graphics.

    Thanks in advance

    The Programming Dutchman

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    Are you wanting cross platform?
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    use SDL, it worked out for me and my knowledge of c++ is not outstanding (implemented pong in a matter of hours)

    this is perfect :

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    Basic and graphics probably do not belong in the same sentence. However, that being said there are several libraries out there that will help. Doubtful without understanding what the libs are doing under the hood that they will help you much.

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