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    Debug error.

    For some reason the following code gives me a debug error. As far as I can see I typed it over with no mistakes from the book.

    Please do not give me any other options of coding this piece. I would just like to know what the error refers to.
    #include <iostream>
    int main()
     // ask for two numbers
     // assign the numbers to BigNumber and SmallNumber
     // If BigNumber is bigger then SmallNumber
     // see if they are evenly devisible
     // if they are, see if they are the same number
     using namespace std;
     int FirstNumber, SecondNumber;
     cout << "Enter two numbers.\n First: ";
     cin >> FirstNumber;
     cout << "\nSecond: ";
     cin >> SecondNumber;
     cout << "\n\n";
     if (FirstNumber >= SecondNumber)
      if (FirstNumber % SecondNumber) == 0)
       if (FirstNumber == SecondNumer)
       cout << "They are the same!";
       cout << "They are evenly divisable.";
      cout << "They are not evenly devisable.";
     cout << " Hey! The second one is larger.";
     return 0;
    error: expected primary-expression before '==' token
    error: expected ';' before ')' token

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    Sorry for bothering already solved the issue.

    I missed one '(' on line 22.
    if ((FirstNumber % SecondNumber) == 0)

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