Thread: bu işten anlayan biri var mı?

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    bu işten anlayan biri var mı?

    We are constructing a new programming language to program a painting robot. This language allows us to
    construct simple loops, if-else blocks and give the robot some basic commands. Our robot is also capable of
    sensing the color of the objects. We call this language “Robot Programming Language” (RPL). Syntax of
    Robot Programming Language is represented as a Context Free Grammar RPG = (Σ, NT, R ,S ) where;
    Σ = { git, boya, birim, bir, iki, uc, dort, bes, alti, yedi, sekiz,
    dokuz, on, doguya, batiya, kuzeye, guneye, siyaha, beyaza, kirmiziya, yesile,
    maviye, tekrarla , defa, dongu, degilse, son, zemin , i , esit, degil}
    NT = { [Kod], [Blok], [Komut], [Dongu], [ise-degilse], [Kosul],
    [Degilse], [Sayi], [Yon], [Renk], [Hedef], S }
    R = {
    S → [Kod],
    [Kod] → [Kod] [Kod],
    [Kod] → [Blok],
    [Kod] → [Komut],
    [Komut] → [Sayi] birim [Yon] git,
    [Komut] → [Hedef] i [Renk] boya,
    [Komut] → [Komut] [Komut],
    [Blok] → [Dongu] son,
    [Blok] → [ise-degilse] son,
    [Blok] → [Blok] [Blok],
    [Dongu] → [Sayi] defa tekrarla [Kod],
    [Dongu] → dongu [Kosul] [Kod],
    [ise-degilse] → [Kosul]ise [Kod] [Degilse],
    [Degilse] → degilse [Kod],
    [Degilse] → ℮,
    [Kosul] → [Hedef] esit [Renk],
    [Kosul] → [Hedef] esit degil [Renk],
    [Sayi] → bir |iki |uc |dort |bes |alti |yedi |sekiz |dokuz |on,
    [Yon] → doguya | batiya | kuzeye | guneye,
    [Renk] → siyaha | beyaza | kirmiziya | yesile| maviye,
    [Hedef] → zemin}
    S: Starting symbol
    Each terminal has a blank character at its end as a delimiter.
    An example input that is accepted by this language is given below;
    dort defa tekrarla
    on birim guneye git
    on defa tekrarla
    bes defa tekrarla
    bir birim doguya git
    zemin esit yesile ise
    zemin i beyaza boya
    This code moves the robot 40 units to south, then for 50 times, moves the robot to east by 1 unit while
    painting the ground to white if it is green. A parse tree generated for the code above is given in below;
    PART A (90 Points):
    Write a C / C++ / Java program to analyze a given source code which is written in RPL. Your program will
    read an RPL source code from a text file called “rpl.txt” and decide whether the code is syntactically correct
    or not. If the source code is correct, your program should give message “No syntax error found...”,
    otherwise give message “Syntax Error at line: XX” where XX is the line number for the error encountered.

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