Thread: base class protected members inaccessible

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    base class protected members inaccessible

    I'm having an issue that I don't understand. as I understand the C++ standard, my code should work the way I have it.

    class A
        int i;
    class B : public A
        int foo()
          return i;
    gcc 4.2.1 on opensuse 10.3 i386 complains saying that A::i is private in the context of the drived class. I don't get it. I thought protected members were accessible to derived classes. what am I doing wrong here?

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    segmentation fault
    gcc 4.3.2 compiles that without errors.
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    You are right, but it is unlikely that you have found a compiler bug in a language feature that is not exactly rarely used. Is this the entire program (e.g., we add an empty global main function and compile to an executable program and you get that error)?
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    It looks right, and g++ 4.4.1 accepts it here. I spent a little time looking at bug reports in GCC but didn't find anything that looked like it matches. Still....

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    No complains from 4.4.1 under MinGW in Win7 x64.

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    ok, so now I added default constructors to both classes, and it compiles. I really don't understand now.

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    May-be if you posted real code?
    I might be wrong.

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    The only catch to protected members is that the rule applies only to instances of your own object. In other words you cannot pass in a pointer to another instance of the class and access those protected members from your instance.

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