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    Cool Syntax question


    I am new to the board and am learning C++ programming. I have been searching for guidance on syntax I've seen used, and am not familiar with.

    I don't know what to call it, so will just give an example here (some sort of constructor, using templates, but written in a sort of function shorthand?):

    iterator (dNode<T> *p): nodePtr(p){};

    This line of code, is an iterator type constructor, and specifying a template <T> where p is assigned as a node pointer. But my question here, is what is the 'colon' and the '{}' brackets. Some sort of shorthand for a regular function declaration, but I don't quite know this format. Can anybody tell me a term I can use to search for syntax, so that I can understand better.

    Please excuse any error(s) with my terminology, as I really am trying to grasp this language, but still am a bit confused with a few aspects of such.

    THANKS to all who reply!


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    The colon indicates the start of the initialization list, and the empty curly brackets simply indicate an empty function body.

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