Thread: Converting pointer to float.

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    Converting pointer to float.

    I've assigned a number into character pointer:

    char* strNumSet = "12.33";
    I want to convert pointer strNumSet into float. What is the correct way to do this?

    Kindly thanks for any suggestion and help.

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    Many possible ways. One option involves use of the function sscanf() (note the two s's). Another other involves use of a function named atof().

    Of course, if you have done this in code, there is also the question of why you haven't done
       float float_value = 12.33;
    although admittedly that does not work for arbitrary strings (eg read from file, accepted from user input).

    Incidentally "12.33" is not a character pointer that contains a number. It is an array of char that contains some characters you happen to interpret as a number. And a pointer is not the same thing as an array, even though (in some contexts) you can use it it was one.
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    Converting pointer to float.
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