Thread: help installing boos. Selecting *variants*?

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    help installing boos. Selecting *variants*?


    I'm installing boost for visual studio 2008, using the boost installer.

    It's asking which build variants to install by default.

    The choices are:
    Multithread Debug, DLL
    Multithread, DLL
    Multithread Debug
    Multithread Static runtime
    Multithread Debug, Static runtime
    Single thread, Static runtime
    single thread Debug, static runtime

    What do I want?

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    well i just went ahead and installed everything (for vs9.0 anyway)

    but I have another off-topic question

    why do i sometimes get the following error when building with visual studio?
    Error	1	fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during IncrCalcPtrs	Program.obj	,
    it doesn't seem to do anything, because another sucessive build, build just fine

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