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    Quick: Alternative to using global variable

    Hi All,

    I have a list of a class "row" - which contains a list of chars.
    I have a static variable "TOTAL_ROWS" for the row class in my code which I want to update every time I add a new row to my list of the row classes.

    I have done that successfully. That means I can always access the total amount of rows when running tests.

    However, my lecturer's submit program has stated that it is a global variable and I am not allowed to use them for this assignment. I'll post the code below. I thought if it was private in the class definition this would make it OK?

    Does anyone have an alternate suggestion? Apologies for the large chunk of code I'm posting - you need to see all of it if you want to see how it uses the total row number.

    Note - the compiler picks up the error directly after the class definition when I declare the TOTAL_ROWS variable. Also, I'm just showing a summary of my code.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <list>
    #include <ctype.h>
    #include <cstdlib>
    using namespace std;
    class row 
       list<char> row_chars;
       int row_number, char_position, row_size;
       char current_char;
       static int TOTAL_ROWS;
       row(int number) ;   
       void store_chars(char ch);
       void new_row();
       void print_row(list<char>::iterator &list_iter);
       bool is_match(list<char>::iterator &list_iter, char data);
       void clear_row();
       bool is_char_valid();
       bool not_first();
       bool not_last();
       bool is_outside_maze(char findData);
       bool check_counts(int hash, int s, int f);
       int get_row_number();
       int get_char_position();
       char get_char(list<char>::iterator &list_iter, int position);
       int next_valid_position(list<char>::iterator &list_iter, int old_position);
       int get_size();
       static int get_TOTAL_ROWS();
       static void increase_TOTAL_ROWS();
    int row::TOTAL_ROWS;
    void load_maze(list<row> &maze_rows, row &row_chars, const string &filein);
    void print_maze(list<row> &maze_rows);
    bool find_char(const char &findData, 
       list<row>::iterator &itr, list<row> &maze_rows);
    int count_char(const char &findData, 
       list<row>::iterator &itr, list<row> &maze_rows);
    bool is_maze_valid(list<row>::iterator &itr, list<row> &maze_rows);
    bool is_outside(const char &findData, 
       list<row>::iterator &itr, list<row> &maze_rows);
    int test_maze(list<row> &maze_rows);
    int tally_metrics(int x, list<row>::iterator &itr, list<row> &maze_rows);
    void calculate_metrics(list<row> &maze_rows);
    int add_metrics(int i, char up, char forward, 
       char down, char back, char start);
    int main (int argc, char *argv[]) 
       string filein;
       list<row> maze_rows;   
       row row_chars(1);
       //Make sure a maze file was provided   
       if (argc != 2) 
          cout << "Must supply 1 argument to this program\n";
          return 0; 
       filein = argv[1];
       //Loading the file into lists...  
       load_maze(maze_rows, row_chars, filein);
       //Running the tests on the lists...  
       if(test_maze(maze_rows) == 0)
          cout << "Unable to load maze " << filein << " \n";
       //Calculate and print the maze metrics...  
       return 0; 
    row::row(int number)
       row_number = number;
       char_position = row_size = 0;
       TOTAL_ROWS = 0;
    int row::get_TOTAL_ROWS()
       return TOTAL_ROWS;
    bool row::not_first()
       if(row_number > 1)
          return true;
          return false;
    bool row::not_last()
       if(row_number < TOTAL_ROWS)
          return true;
          return false;
    void row::increase_TOTAL_ROWS()
    void load_maze(list<row> &maze_rows, row &row_chars, const string &filein) 
       ifstream fin;
       char ch;
       //open stream to filein;
       if (!fin) 
          cerr << "Unable to load maze " << filein << " \n";
       while (!fin.eof()) 
          list<row>::iterator itr = maze_rows.begin();
          if(ch == '\n') 
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    > list<row> maze_rows;
    So make a maze class, which contains this, and the number of rows (as private members)
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