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    Question Operator overloading question[Solved]

    I have two classess classA-var and classB-var
    I want to overload * operator so I can return classA-var*classB-var
    the header is in classA :
    classA& operator+(classB& var);
    and implemented it .
    it works fine for classA-var*classB-var and it returns a classA-var2;

    how do I implement it so it would work for classB-var*classA-var too and returns classA-var2.

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    Do the same thing, only do it in ClassB and switch the types.

    You'll need to be using forward declarations and have the implementation inside the source file if you aren't already doing that.

    You could also make these functions non-member functions. That might be a better solution.

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    thanks I've solved the problem by making friend ClassB in ClassA
    the header is in classB :
    classB& operator+(classA& var);
    and implementing it to retrieve a ClassA type :
    ClassA &ClassB:: operator+(ClassA &var2)


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