Thread: Can't open Resource Dialog View

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    Can't open Resource Dialog View


    I am doing a project on Visual C++ WinApi. After creating a new file and writing my code, I searched for a variable IDC_Button which is originated from the Resource Dialog. Then I read the Resource.h header file in editor view. Once I have entered the editor mode to view the written code of Resource.h, I couldn't enter back to Dialog view again. When I double clicking the Resources folder, the following box pop up: This file is already open in an editor.

    How can I change it back to Dialog view?
    I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 software.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Trying closing the file before opening the viewer.

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    [Off Topic]And you know Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 is too old and you may use newer compilers for better quality.
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