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    Question A question about a question

    Can someone explain this question? I don't want the answer, just an explaination. I can write the program easy enough but what does the rest of the question mean?

    6.Write a piece of code that will demonstrate a logical error in a program that was designed to calculate the average of three test grades. Be sure to make it clear to me what the logical error is, explain if necessary.

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    Well having made it work, you introduce a bug so that it doesn't work.
    Then you explain your bug.
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    More specifically, your professor wants to know that you understand the concept of a logical bug (as opposed to a syntactic bug). The idea is that the program compiles, but does not produce the correct results.

    An example: a program that is supposed to determine the maximum of 2 numbers input by the user, but instead outputs the minimum. The logical error is highlighted in red.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        int i1, i2, iMax;
        cout << "Please insert your first number: ";
        cin >> i1;
        cout << endl << "Please insert your second number: ";
        cin >> i2;
        iMax = i1;
        if (i2 < i1)
            iMax = i2;
        cout << endl << "The highest number was " << iMax << endl;
        return 0;

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    Lightbulb Thank you

    Vey helpful.

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