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    crc32/checksum app

    I'd like to write a C++ app program that would store a list of files (by relative path/location) plus it's CRC32 or checksum. Then it would also store more CRC32/checksums for the same file, for each snapshot in time.

    The main usage of the app would be to help identify which versions of the current folder contents are.

    Does anyone know such program already exist? If not, how to write in C++ with common libraries (boost, etc)?

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    Well, there is Boost.CRC, but I have no experience with it so I cannot recommend it.
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    If you just need a starting point & some code example, goto; Create Window Website. I believe the individual's name is Ellingson, author of CRCText tool. Source code is available for the program, although I would assume that even altering his existing code would still require that you list Ellingson as primary author & maintain copyright comments.

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    Also if you want something really easy to use and more importantly easy to integrate into your project, go to; they have PD source code there for all kinds of tasks, including CRC/hashing stuff.
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