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    Post confusion on goto

    i have coded the program in such a way that untill the user types y key the program will not be terminated.
    one question is asked that do you like the program(y/n?):
    untill you press y it wont end.
    but the problem is that i have to press y 2 times to terminate the programme or have to press n 2 times to make the statement appear again . what shall i do?
    i have coded the program like this:
    void main()
    char y,n,option;
    cout<<"do u like the program(y/n?):";
    goto label;
    plzzz help.
    thnx in advance.........

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    Firstly, and most importantly, don't use goto's... ever. A while loop would do the same thing and look much neater, too.

    Secondly, you check the same thing over and over. ie you always check option, but you never change what it is. And you probably don't need to use cin.get() since the program pauses for getche() anyway. I think what you want is something like this:

    while ( getche() == 'y' )
    Other little things:
    You never use the variable y and n, so there's no need to declare them.
    You don't need the .h and the end of iostream.h.
    Don't do void main()... it should be int main().
    There's no need to clear the screen at the start of the program because nothing has been drawn yet.
    You should format your code properly to make it easier for people to read it (ie have neccassary spacing on lines).
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    Actually, he changes option *twice*. Get rid of the option = getchar() line. Also, indent your code. I didn't bother to read your code properly, since it's not indented.

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