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    resource script

    is it possible to write a resource script in visual c++, without using the wizards for dialog boxes and such, everytime i open a new resource script i am not able to write anything, just use the templates but i want to learn to write them with code for myself.

    How can i do this?

    Thanks for your help

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    Big subject, a book will be explain this better than I can.
    MyMenu MENU
       POPUP "File"
          MENUITEM "Open", IDM_OPEN
       MENUITEM "Help", IDM_HELP
    This is code for a menu, the keyword MENU is what informs the compiler its a menu and MyMenu is the menu name.
    A POPUP means that the specified name, in this case file, is a submenu. A MENUITEM is an item the user can select.
    The IDM_OPEN & IDM_HELP are the messages windows sends when the corresponding MENUITEM is clicked and you need to define them for example:
    #define IDM_OPEN 1000
    #define IDM_HELP 1001
    You should save the file with a .rc extension, msvc will produce the resource file from that.
    A dialog is harder create this way as you need to specify the size of buttons and the position of buttons, which is far easier visually.
    Anyway a dialog goes like this:
    MyDB DIALOGEX 10, 10, 210, 110
    CAPTION "My Dialog Box"
       DEFPUSHBUTTON "Button1", IDD_BUTTON1, 11, 10, 36, 14
       PUSHBUTTON    "Button2", IDD_BUTTON2, 11, 34, 36, 14
    A bit more going on here, the keywords should be fairly obvious as to what they do.
    As far as the numbers go the first 2 for each item are the position and the second 2 are the size.
    You really need to find a book with this in though.
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