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    I've been given an assignment which asks me to write a program that does the following:
    -Opens a file which contains 50 last names and student IDs
    -Gives the user the option of searching by last name or ID
    -If there is a match, both the name and ID will be printed.
    -If there is no match, an error statement is printed.

    I know how to get the program to open a file, but I'm not sure what to use for searching the file for a name. Any suggestions?

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    Do you know the exact format of the file, for example:
    name id
    name id

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    yes, its like

    Johnson 123-45-6789

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    So read in the data into a data structure of your choosing (if it's always 50, then that suggests an array; if it's not always 50, then you'll probably want something dynamic); then as your user requests searches, you can search through the data structure to find the results.

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