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    Post a questionare!

    actually i had to make a questionare in c++.
    i wanted that if the user doesnt select the answer option from option a,b,c or d then it should again ask the same question.
    so i wanted to ask that if there is any command to that will repeat the same set of statements.
    it would be nice if you can give an easy code.
    thanks in advance!

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    A loop?
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    Smile confusion!

    actually ma'am u r right. i think a loop would do. But i dont know actually to run a loop with given set of statements untill the condition is over. plzz help me with this. thanks in advance!

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    Well, you can always loop indefinitely and break out of it if it reached a certain parameter like so:

    while (true)
           if (foo == true)
    Not a good way to do it IMHO, but it's doable.
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