Thread: Random Number Generation-Increments

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    Random Number Generation-Increments

    Hi, I'm trying to generate a random number between 50 and 1000(inclusive) in increment of 50.

    I'm using the libraries

    #include <ctime>
    #include <cstdlb>
    Here's the actually code I'm using.... I'm calling this function inside of a loop in the main function. I'm getting the correct numbers but I am occasionally getting 0 and the same number often repeats itself.

    int getspin()
    	int x; 
    	x = (rand()%1001 +50)/100 *50; 
    	return x; 

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    You may find it easier to generate numbers in the range [1,20], and then multiply by 50.
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    The range of what you have is anywhere from 0 to 500, it would look like. And if you couldn't get repeats, it wouldn't be a random number, would it?

    There are twenty possible outcomes. It's easy to get rand between 0 and 19; can you think of a way to do
    0 -> 50
    1 -> 100
    2 -> 150
    3 -> 200
    18 -> 950
    19 -> 1000?

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