Thread: Working with MIDI in C++

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    Working with MIDI in C++


    I am a student who is studying C++ and I am interested in creating a program that can be used to generate species counterpoint exercises - down the line I would like to add MIDI playback abilities - and so am wondering if anyone may be able to recommend sources that could provide me with information regarding MIDI playback through the C++ programming language.

    I see there are many projects by other programmers out there that can do this, but I am interested in using Windows libraries and implementing my own code.

    edit: to be more specific about what im trying to be able to implement; My main goal is the creation of an algorithm that generates complete four part species counterpoint, and then, after the notes are generated, being able to play them back - this is what the MIDI will be needed for. I am hoping to be able to make calls in order to play specific a specific note or combination of notes, i.e play an A 3, or a C# 5, etc. etc.

    Thanks, and I Hope this question isn't too obtuse,

    Adam Davis
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    You could use DirectMusic (tutorial here), that's the simplest way I know how. DirectMusic is deprecated now though. A linux-friendly solution would be to use timidity.

    EDIT: SDL_mixer plays midis via timidity too.
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    Thanks, brent. I Will look into this.

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