Thread: deleting from a linked list if there are just 2 nodes

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    deleting from a linked list if there are just 2 nodes

    i'm having some trouble with a function i am trying to write. i cannot delete the second node from a DOUBLY linkedlist if there are just two nodes. here is a snippet of code within my function but i keep getting a segmentation fault, am i doing something wrong because if i comment this part of my code out it works fine:

    Node<T> *secondNode = first->next;
    if(secondNode->next==NULL)	//check if there is just 2 nodes.
    	first->next = secondNode->next;
    	delete secondNode;
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    The only special node is the first one, as you also need to update the head pointer as well.

    For every other node, the logic should be the same.
    previousNode->next = nodeToBeDeleted->Next; // LL skips the node to be deleted
    delete nodeToBeDeleted;
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    I'm thinking in a doubly linked list you would normally have to reset a backward link from node 3 back to node 1, n'est ce pas?

    As to the OP, I hope you are first checking that there is only 1 node (as referencing secondNode->next will fail badly if secondNode doesn't exist). Otherwise, presumably either your list isn't quite being built correctly, or other operations are leaving your list in an inconsistent state.

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