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    Please do not get offended , just started taking C++ seriously (about time).
    all that i wanna know is. Is there a function to help check on the arrays lenght ? something like:

    char array[100];

    while(int i= 0; i < array.length(); i++)

    i'm sure there's something like this, but i simply cannot find.

    thanks in advance for your time, and i promisse that tomorrow i'll go out and buy myself a really good book on C++


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    I keep wanting to say strlen, but I'm not sure if there's another one for C++. Anyway, strlen should work.

    int main(){
      int array1[5];
      int array2[10];
      if(strlen(array1) < strlen(array2)){
        \*do stuff*\
      return 0;
    Though something about that isn't right to me, I wish I had K&R with me to double check...oh well, try it and see. I'm 99.9% sure that's it
    I think array.length is java code, not C++.


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    You can do -


    to obtain the length.

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    That's what I was trying to think of, sizeof(). Thanks zen, I was just short of pulling my hair out for not being able to remember something I knew was simple. Though it's always the simple ones that catch us off guard, right?


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