Thread: Factorial in C++ and Prolog

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    Factorial in C++ and Prolog

    I would like to work out a number's factorial. My factorial rule is in a Prolog file and I am connecting it to a C++ code. Can someone tell me what is wrong with my C++ interface please?

        factorial( 1, 1 ):-
        factorial( X, Fac ):-
            X > 1,
            Y is X - 1,
            factorial( Y, New_Fac ),
            Fac is X * New_Fac.
        // factorial.cpp
        # headerfiles
        term_t t1;
        term_t t2;
        term_t goal_term;
        functor_t goal_functor;
        int main( int argc, char** argv )
            argc = 4;
            argv[0] = "libpl.dll";
            argv[1] = "-G32m";
            argv[2] = "-L32m";
            argv[3] = "-T32m";
            PL_initialise(argc, argv);
            if ( !PL_initialise(argc, argv) )
            PlCall( "consult(swi('plwin.rc'))" );
            PlCall( "consult('')" );
            cout << "Enter your factorial number: ";
            long n;
            cin >> n;
            PL_put_integer( t1, n );
            t1 = PL_new_term_ref();
            t2 = PL_new_term_ref();
            goal_term = PL_new_term_ref();
            goal_functor = PL_new_functor( PL_new_atom("factorial"), 2 );
            PL_put_atom( t1, t2 );
            PL_cons_functor( goal_term, goal_functor, t1, t2 );
            PL_halt( PL_toplevel() ? 0 : 1 );
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    You're going to have to give more information. Then someone who is familiar with your setup may be able to advise. The method of interfacing between C (or C++) and prolog is highly dependent on both the compiler and on the prolog interpreter.

    Overwriting argc and argv (as you have done, before the prolog-related stuff) is often an effective way to crash a program. Better to set up your own local storage for argv, and pass that to PL_initialise().

    It would probably be easier to write your own factorial function in C++, but I assume your purpose here is learning to interface with your prolog rather than avoiding coding in C++ (as interfacing to other languages is not trivial).
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