Thread: how to encode Chinese characters?

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    how to encode Chinese characters?

    i have downloaded a c++ code from a chinese site,a part of code is like this:

    #define max_x   127       //x方向的节点数量
    #define max_y   127       //y方向的节点数量
    #define t_max   200000    //..环的最大时间步
    #define nu      0.00252   //运动粘度,通过调节黏度改变Reynold数
    as you see the descriptions after // are not in english language and are not displayed correctly ,how can view them in their original chinese format so i can translate them from chinese to english with google translator?
    is there and character encoding in microsoft visual studio 2008?
    thanks in advance

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    According to MSDN, you need to install Windows language packs to view international text.

    How-to: Install East Asian language files on your computer

    I personally haven't had a need to do this, so I don't know how well it works. But I'm pretty sure you can just open the file in a word processor (Office has its own language support) and the characters will display correctly. Most Linux distros also have built-in support for other languages. (Yeah, it's probably not a valid reason to get linux just to view these mysterious comments, but hey, it can't hurt.)
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