Thread: NEWB Pointer problem

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    NEWB Pointer problem

    in main() :
    ----> int num = 1;

    function call :

    function prototype :
    int Cls::Write(int *pn, int food)

    In the function how can i see what is in *pn ?

    When i say---> cout<<"pn = "<<(int)pn<<endl;
    ---result = 1244044, IT SHOULD BE 1

    i'll need to say stuff like if (total > pn)

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    cout<<"pn="<<*pn;//the * returns the value in the address

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    You do not need to cast "pn" to an integer, it has already been declared a pointer to an integer type. Casting pointers to a particular type is used mostly with type void pointers.

    A pointer holds the RAM address of a particular type, it must be dereferenced to get the value stored at that RAM address...

    cout << "* pn = " << * pn;

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