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    Unhappy Time Stamp Counter

    Hi all!

    I would be very happy if someone can write a simple code and explain it a bit where I can see the simple implementation of the Time Stamp Counter.

    You may also use this link (Pentium Time Stamp Counter) to quickly gain a solution but please keep in mind that I dont understand the code and dont know how to use it (because of this I need your help).

    All the explanations are welcomed!


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    What do you want to do? Do you only require a unique id, do you require the current time to be part of it, if so, are the timestamps unique, how exact has the time to be, will it have to be consistent across a network, ...?

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    I would like to implement it in simple for loop such as this one:

    int s, m;

    for(int i=0; i<m; i++)

    and I would like to play with m and see how the Time Stamp Counter behaves if m has different values such as 10, 1000, 1 000 000 etc.

    Thanks for asking!

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    Yeah, you asked already!
    Time Stamp Counter again / Please Answer
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