Thread: Help in writing a class to file and calling a constructor

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    Question Help in writing a class to file and calling a constructor (fairly simple)


    I got one class named Hired and want to write the whole class into a file. But upon execution the program stops and ends without even create the file.
    Also; how do I call the construtor that takes the INT paramter?.... Ex: Hired(int i = 1); does not seem to work, it still calls the Hired() that takes no parameters?!

    The CLASS
    class Hired
        int      nr;                       
        int      ant_barn;                 
        Hired (int n)
            cout << "Hired nr: (100-999)" << endl;
            cin >> nr;
            cout << "Ant barn: 0-20" << endl;
            cin >> ant_barn;
        Hired ()
            cout << "\n\nWARNING 1: SHALL NOT RUN THIS CONSTRUCTOR\n\n";
        void write_file(ofstream* out)
            *out << nr;
            *out << ant_barn << endl;
        void display()
            cout << "Nr: " << nr;
            cout << "ant barn: " << ant_barn;
            cout << endl << endl;
    Hired* hired[100];     
    int lastused = 0;
    The main program.
    int main()
    //Filling in at least one "hired" with data:
        hired[lastused].Hired(lastused); //How do I call the Constructor that takes INT as a parameter in my class? SInce this line does not work!!
     I've also tried switching the "." with ->, did not work
        lastused = lastused + 1;
    //To file
        ofstream myfile("hired.dta", ios::out | ios::ate);
        for (i = 1; i < lastused; i++)
            hired[i]->write_file(&myfile); //Failure here or/and line below... I've also tried "hired[i].write_file(&myfile);
        //To memory
        Hired* a;
        ifstream myfile2("hired.dta", ios::in);
        if (myfile2)                            //Read data in to file
            i = 0;
  *) &a, sizeof(Hired));
            while (!myfile2.eof() &&  lastused >= i)
      *) &a, sizeof(Hired));
                hired[i] = a;
        cout << "DONE";
        return 0;
    Marked the lines that I am stumbled at with red color.

    How do I call the constructor in my class, when my "hired" is a pointer with array of type Hired.

    PS: If I made the "hired" pointer array variable of no pointer type, this works, then I just switch "->" with ".". But I want to work with pointers now!
    PS2: CodeBlocks editor, compiler GCC
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    1.) You're trying to access a pointer that points to garbage.

    hired[lastused] = new Hired(int);

    2.) Don't try to call a constructor explicitally, it's called upon "construction." To call the constructor
    with arguments, initialize the class using that constructor:

    hired[lastused] = new Hired(50);

    3.) I'd move thouse couts and cins into your main loop.

    std::cout << "Hired nr: ";
    std::cin >> nr;
    std::cout << "Ant barn: ";
    std::cin >> ant_barn;

    hired[lastused] = new Hired(nr, ant_barn);

    4.) When working with a pointer, use -> instead of .

    Hired h(50);


    Hired* h = new Hired(50);
    delete h;

    If you use new, you need to use delete somewhere.
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    Works now! Lovely, love you! Knew it was simple, just...
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