Thread: is there some language construct to do this?

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    is there some language construct to do this?

    struct A
      virtual void func()=0;
      void foo(){ func(); }
    struct C
      virtual void func(){ std::cout << "C::func\n";
    struct AC : public A,public C
      using C::func;
    int main void()
      AC ac;; // invokes C::func
    obviously this is not what the using directive does, but is there some means of knitting together the vtables like this?

    i realize i can inherit virtually from a common interface that defines the function, i'm just wondering if there is another means of achieving the same thing.

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    No there isn't. At least not in the present version. I'm not sure about C++0x.

    That is decidedly odd, because you have two functions unrelated except in name, and you want one to override another. It's a very special case. If you have control over C, It would be stylistically better to call c::func() something else.

    What you can do is add a func() to AC that calls the C version of func(). Unfortunately, this is likely to add a level of indirection.
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