Thread: about relationship between data structures and computational methods.

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    about relationship between data structures and computational methods.

    i was wondering.
    of all the data structures like list linked list,stack,queues,graph of bfs and dfs.

    can anyone of them be solved using computational methods and statistic like
    linear regression,quadratic regression,trapezoidal rule,simpson's rule..which is to improve accuracy of integral..

    just wondering is it possible??

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    Err... what does it mean to solve a data structure?
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    I'd say most data structures are pretty well solved. About the only thing I haven't seen pretty well solved is a lock-free, n-dimensional, sparse matrix.


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    i mean another method which can compare results between let say separate chaining of hashing and a method of computational methods. let say simpson's rule..
    while i was just wondering
    so data structures are all pretty solved and doesn't need any intervention of computational methods is it???
    can u give an example of lock free n dimensional matrix sparse.
    i would like to solve that using computational methods..

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    Once again the forum has interpreted my post as being source and I'm forced to wrap the post. Lovely.

    I now had to break it manually because of the crappy forum software. Loveliest.

    (I'm not getting this.)
    Saying "Computational Methods of ${BLANK}" is a fancy way of saying
    "Algorithm (Design)/(Study)/(Analysis) and Implementation of ${BLANK}".
    It is applied science of applied science! It is applying computer theory to
    another science.
    The data structures and algorithms that you listed have nothing to do with
    computational statistics. You can't "solve" any of them with "computational
    methods". They do not "compare" with statistics methods. They are the
    results of computer science. They may be used in a particular implementation
    of statistical methods, but they are not statistical methods.
    You can not "solve" the algorithm and data structure I reference using
    statistics. (I was referring to a data structure. I was not referring to
    mathematics.) It is a computer science problem. It requires computer
    science. If I could give an example, it would be a solved problem.
    (I don't consider using multiple lock-free linked lists a solution.)
    You want to study statistics problems. I'm certain that a open source
    software package is available to study statistics and the current popular
    algorithms and data structures used in computational statistics. This is
    not a natural job for C++.
    This is hard to say. I can't find the right words. You are obviously not
    a native English speaker, and that doesn't help.
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